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December 13, 2021
236: Juggling multiple priorities at work

Juggling multiple priorities at work is a skill that will be useful during your design career, when you find yourself working on more than one project at the same time. We've had plenty of opportunities to practice this skill and in this episode we share how we prioritise, say no (sometimes!) and still create our best work.

key takeaways

It can be difficult to prioritise tasks if you are working with a different team on every project. To prioritise, think about the timelines involved. How much time do your teammates need to do their work on the project? Lean on your manager for help and insight.

One of the benefits of having multiple projects is being able to move on from one project if you get stuck or want to stir up some motivation or creativity by working on something else.

When working on multiple projects, there is more involved than simply creating the design.

Project ownership, questions from your team members and coming up with solutions all interrupt your design work. Carefully consider what is involved when scoping out the project and coming up with a timeline. The more practice you have, the easier this will become.  

If you’re swamped with work and someone asks you to take on something new, before you say no - ask more questions. What are the underlying motivations behind the project?

What impact could it have? Maybe having more information will give you the push to take on the project, or support your reasons for saying no.

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01.12 – Catch up

03.32 – Multiple projects on the go

08.35 – How to prioritise

16.35 – Key indicators that a project is a high priority

20.08 – Switching context

26.20 – Saying no

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