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January 10, 2022
238: Setting goals for 2022

As is tradition now on the Design Life podcast, we spend our first episode of 2022 talking about our goals, plans and dreams for the year ahead.

key takeaways

You might feel some resistance to planning and setting goals for 2022, but remember that no goal is too small. Your goals this year might be more vague and less ambitious than other years and that is okay - it is a reflection of the times we’re living in.

Break down your goals into different categories - personal, professional and side project goals. Be realistic and set stretch goals for any projects you hope to work on, but that you don’t want to begin until your priorities are accomplished.

If you are struggling to set specific goals in certain areas, remember that maintaining the same level or rate of success as you did in the previous year is also a worthwhile goal. If aiming higher is a commitment you’re not able to make right now, try aiming for consistency.

show timestamps

00.57 – Catch up

04.12 – Theme of the year

11.50 – Projects for 2022

18.12 – Work goals

24.18 – Personal goals

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