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January 17, 2022
239: Different ways to structure a design team

How is your design team structured? Today on Design Life we answer an email from a listener about team structure, why our team structure works best for us and how other companies (like Dropbox!) organise their teams.

key takeaways

Concerned that your new manager doesn’t have a background in design? When your manager is an expert in another discipline, feedback on your work is often less like a crit session and more about your process and how it helps the project to reach the next goal.

Centralised, decentralised studio - different words used to describe how teams can be structured. The most important thing about how a team is structured is that it helps work to be carried out efficiently and easily.

If your team has gone through some restructuring recently, remember that it will take time for everyone to settle into a new way of working.

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01.04 – Catch up

03.07 – Restructuring teams at Wealthsimple

09.30 – Teams at Convertkit

16.36 – Team structure at Dropbox

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