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January 24, 2022
240: The difference between Junior and Senior designers

What is the difference between a Junior and a Senior designer? Don’t they essentially do the same job? This week on Design Life we chat about moving up a level in your career and why it means more than just completing the same tasks and responsibilities.

key takeaways

What is the difference between a Junior and a Senior Designer? Essentially, in a junior role you’re executing on strategy created by other people, in a more senior role you’re executing on the strategy and also creating it.

If you want to move to the next level, communicate this with your close collaborators and managers. This will give them the chance to offer you the right mentorship, direction and feedback while also preparing them to help you show that you’re ready for the next level when starting the promotion process.

Junior, mid and senior shouldn’t be defined by the number of years you’re working as a designer. You cannot compare yourself to other designers when every company is different. The definition of a senior designer will differ from company to company. Don’t define your worth based on the job title.

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02.17 – Check in

04.58 – Senior vs Junior designer

07.40 – Climbing the ladder

16.15 – Becoming a Senior designer

23.30 – Aligning seniority at a company level

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