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January 31, 2022
241: Creating a design system for the first time

Today On Design Life we’re talking all about Design Systems. We share our struggles and triumphs, and what you need to know if you're creating a design system for the first time.

key takeaways

The design system is a guideline not a rule. If the best solution is something that doesn’t exist yet, how can the designers who use the design system you have created add or suggest new elements?

What are the consequences of working outside a design system? Each page on a website might look great individually but the site as a whole might lack consistency. Working outside a code base means when an element is changed, similar elements on other pages get left behind.

The design system is a product in and of itself. When creating a design system you are still designing a product. Instead of being users of an app, the users of the design system are your fellow designers.

Documenting design systems is very important. Include do’s and don’t, rules around how components should be used and give examples of use cases.

Opportunities to update the design system will arise over time. If a designer is using it and something is not working right, that is a chance to change or update it.

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01.30 – Catch up

04.40 – Updating the design system at Wealthsimple

09.20 – The history of Converkit’s design system

13.48 – A product designer’s take on design systems

16.16 – Facing imposter syndrome

22.30 – The difference between a UI kit and a design system

26.45 – How creating a design system challenges your visual design skills

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