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February 7, 2022
242: Why designers should care about business metrics

Understanding business metrics and how your work helps achieve company goals can be a very useful skill to have as a designer. Not sure where to start? This episode of Design Life is a good place as we share how being curious about our companies helped us to progress in our careers.

key takeaways

Your understanding of the business metrics might change depending on the company, industry and your level of seniority. As you progress in your career you will have more scope to look ahead and see how your work connects with the wider business.

Put in the work to develop your business sense. You might find having a greater understanding of how your work impacts the business metrics will help you to feel more invested in your work.

Your company will value your interest in learning about the business. Pay attention to the things you don’t understand. Do your own research and take advantage of any resources that are shared, or meetings that you have the chance to attend. Ask questions of your peers, colleagues or manager. You won’t be the only person interested or confused by unfamiliar business acronyms or ways of measuring success.

When it comes to roadmapping, allocating projects to team members and even planning how to tackle your workload, knowing the project goals and how they connect with the business aims will help you make decisions that best achieve those aims.

Understanding the company goals and business metrics will give you a new found confidence in questioning how a proposed solution best solves the problem at hand.

show timestamps

00.30 - Catch up

06.24 – The business of design

16.00 – What we've learned

19.44 – Operating at a higher level

24.25  – Ever changing strategies

28.40 – Our advice on how to learn about business metrics

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