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February 21, 2022
244: How to choose (or advocate for!) the design projects you want to work on

You might not always be able to choose your projects but there are ways to advocate for the types of projects you would like best. In this episode we share how we choose which projects we take on at work.

key takeaways

Look at the body of work that you have created over your career and see if there are any projects that are missing. If your portfolio already includes examples that are similar to one of the projects you are choosing between, but none of the other, that might help you to decide.

We often mention that talking about your goals and the types of projects you want to work on with your manager can be useful, and that advice is fitting for this topic. Speaking with your manager can help you to clarify your goals and help give you the motivation you need to begin.

Ask for feedback from your colleagues on areas you can improve in. Focus your energy in this area to continue progressing. Also consider what you want for yourself. Seek out projects that will help you to make progress with both.

Don’t choose projects that are comfortable, choose projects that help you to grow. Have a vision on what you want to do and where you want to go that you can come back to.

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01.09 – Catch up

03.32 – Zeplin’s Figma plugin

05.43 – Picking projects

09.34 – Allocating projects

13.32 – Choosing between two teams

18.53 – Finding gaps

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