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February 28, 2022
245: We just don't get along! (Dealing with workplace conflict)

Need advice about dealing with conflict at work? Today we’re answering a listener question about a sticky work place situation, an experience we are all likely to have during our career.

key takeaways

If the only time you talk to your colleague is when there is a problem, that sets your relationship up for failure. Get to know your colleagues better so that if conflict arises it is easier to solve.

Misaligned expectations can fuel conflict. Sometimes setting out responsibilities at the start of a project can be skipped over, which can lead to a breakdown in communication down the line. If you realise something was skipped or needs repeating, take the time to set out roles and responsibilities.

Take a moment to think about what the other person’s intention was or is. It is rare that anyone would set out with bad intentions but it is easy to get caught up in a high pressure environment.

Speak to your manager to get their support. Tell them you’re struggling to communicate with a person on the team and ask their advice or guidance, having the support of someone you trust is so important.

People clash, especially in high pressure situations like starting a new job or joining a new team. To get a sense of the methods favoured by new people on your team ask about previous roles and how the person felt they worked best with others on different projects.

show timestamps

03.19 – Catch up

05.38 – Personality clashes

15.50 – Approach the conversation with curiosity

19.40 – Manager responsibility

23.25 – Our experience of this dilemma

28.36 – Get to know your workmates better

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