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March 14, 2022
246: The design interview process needs to change

The design interview process needs to change. Time consuming take home assignments and whiteboard challenges are the norm, can the interview process be simplified to benefit both designers and employers?

key takeaways

If you are interviewing at a lot of places it can feel like a full time job to complete each take home assignment. An extensive and time consuming interview process can create inequality between those who can put in the time and those who can’t. Employers should reconsider how the interview process allows them to find and secure the best person for the job. How can the interview process be best tailored to the needs of the company and the kind of applicants they hope to attract?

Make your portfolio easy to read quickly. Remember presenting your portfolio is about more than just your portfolio, it is a test of your storytelling skills. Think about how best to deliver the same story in a different way.

If a company has reached out to offer you a job, ask for information about the compensation package up front if it isn’t volunteered. Your time is valuable and if what the company has to offer isn’t in line with your goals, spending time on the interview process is a waste of your energy and theirs.

Expectations for the interview process should be set from the beginning so that applicants know what they’re signing up for. Information about how many rounds of interviews, work and challenges to be completed in preparation for face to face meetings and responsibilities involved in the role should be available from the start of the process.

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01.35 – Catch up

06.46 – Design Interviews

16.10 – Take home assignments

19.25 – How to choose the right designer without a take home assignment

28.00 – Asking for a soft offer

32.20 – Is the process too long?

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