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March 21, 2022
247: Are you falling behind if you don't understand Web3?

Keeping up with trends while maintaining a full time job is a challenge all designers face, but what should you do if you’re worried that the latest trend will quickly become essential to your role? There is a lot of talk within the design community about Web3, listen to find out how NFTs and Web3 are being viewed by two people outside the community.

key takeaways

You might feel a pressure to invest in and fully understand NFTs when all you see online is people talking about them, but remember just because it’s happening in a silo doesn’t mean its happening everywhere. Remember the bubble we live in. Take the attitude that you will adopt something when you understand it or when it becomes necessary to your role.

There are high barriers to entry when it comes to Web 3 and NFTs at the moment. It might feel like the wild west right now, but that will change. As it becomes more mainstream it will also become easier to use and the entry pathways will be clear. With that being said, some companies are investing in the future and if you want to pursue a career in that area sooner rather than later, jobs are popping up.

Be open to learning new skills as your role needs them. Changes will come about slowly. Remember the skills you have already picked up during your career, and how you learned and practiced them. You will acquire new skills in the future in a similar way.

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02.02 – Side projects update

04.50 – Have we bought NFTs?

10.40 – Paying attention to Web3

13.54 – High barrier to entry

16.45 – Will Web3 become the standard?

21.15 – Changes come about slowly

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