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March 28, 2022
248: Monetising side projects with Sara Brunettini

Today we’re chatting about monetising side projects with our guest, Sara Brunettini. Sara is a Youtuber, product designer and all round wonderful person. We share our experience of monetising our side projects, what's worked for us, what hasn’t and what we’ve learned along the way.

key takeaways

Being consistent is important but adapting to new trends is also very important. When Sara started in 2020 many content creators focused on lifestyle content, using carousels to promote their work, and now reels are more popular.

There are many ways to monetise your side project. Some of the ways we have monetised our side projects include Adsense, sponsorship, dedicated videos, shoutouts, channel sponsors and mentoring sessions.

Assign a level of effort to your projects. Compare income vs effort. Think about how much effort it will take, what will you get out of it.

Trial and error is important. Try different rates, different frequency of ads or turning on Adsense after a certain amount of time. Listen to your audience and be open to feedback.

If you don’t make a monetary goal, consider making a goal about the amount of time you spend on your sided projects. How can you streamline your process to become more efficient?

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04.06 – Which projects are we monetising

09.06 – Compare income vs. effort

17.10 – New income streams

22.42 – Outsourcing

27.05 – Streamlining your process

28.44 – Stopping an income stream

32.49 – Working with brands

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