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April 4, 2022
249: What the heck are MVP's (and how to do them well)

This week on Design Life we answer a listener question, what the heck are MVPs (and how to do them well). We chat about the benefits, the disadvantages and the questions to ask your team so you can make the best product possible without creating design or technical debt.

key takeaways

MVP stands for minimum viable product!

MVPs are used when time (or another constraint) is not in abundance. When designing an MVP ask yourself what is the minimum scope that you and your team can design, build and ship that meets the needs of the user but you can create in the fastest time.

To avoid design and technical debt, have a conversation with your team about what the project would look like if there wasn’t the same constraints. This will help you to avoid creating problems now that you need to solve down the line.

MVPs are a helpful process to use, but remember why you are using one. Use the time saved on this project somewhere else.

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01.30 – Catch up

05.10 – Designing MVPs

10.12 – Going beyond the MVP

14.42 – A difference in the design process

18.36 – MVPs are still whole products

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