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April 11, 2022
250: When starting a new job feels like you're starting from scratch

In this episode we’re tackling a listener question, from a designer starting a new job and feeling like they’re starting from scratch again! We share what we've learned from starting new jobs, settling into a new team and how to have a productive first few weeks in your new role while finding your feet.

key takeaways

The self doubt you feel when starting a new role won't last forever. Within a few weeks you will have learned so much more about the company and the people you'll be working with than you knew on your first day. Be kind to yourself and remember that you were hired for a reason, you have the necessary skills to do great work in your new role.

In a new role, ask what success will look like for you over the first few days, weeks and months as you are settling in. Your manager will appreciate you showing this initiative and it will help to have some goals to work towards even if you don’t have a project of your own yet.

Talking to your new colleagues about the process they use for feedback, critique and pitching ideas might reassure you as you recognise similarities between where you used to work and your new job.

show timestamps

00.25 – Listener question

01.25  – Catch up

04.34 – Our experience of starting a new role

08.15 – Your first day

19.20 – Your first couple of months in a new job

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