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April 18, 2022
251: Why getting better at writing can help your design career

Improving your writing skills can help your career in lots of different ways, from increasing your confidence to helping you to create memorable presentations. In this episode of Design Life we chat about creating writing procedures and using inspiration when it strikes to help your writing stand out.

key takeaways

Designers do a lot writing as part of our daily role. How can you improve your process to make this part of your job easier? Do you have a favourite tool that increases your productivity, or is this tool holding you back? Don’t fall in to unhelpful habits, just because they have become what you’re familiar with.

Consider starting your document with the title as the first line, this might help get rid of the fear a blank page can induce.

Collaborate with your peers to get a better flow. Share the work when it comes to beginning documents, creating a rough draft or summarising with bullet points as a starting point to expand on.

Remember done is better than perfect.

How can you create a productive writing system and environment for yourself? Set yourself up for success by reflecting on your process, ask yourself which elements help you to have a successful writing session.

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04.10 – Writing at work

10.10 – What kind of writer are you

17.53 – Preplanning writing content

22.10 – Making time to write

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