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May 9, 2022
254: Is the vibe shifting in design?

It might feel like vibe is the word of the year at the moment, and with good reason as the vibe in design is shifting again. Who are the companies shaping design this year and how do we stay up to date without following trends?

key takeaways

How design has changed over time, and the different vibes that have come and gone are all a part of design history. When you started your career what was the gold standard in web, marketing or product design? What does the gold standard look like now? Consider how many vibe shifts have happened in between.

A vibe shift describes how design changes over time. Skeuomorphism and flat design are examples of vibes.

Companies need to follow the vibe as it shifts because it becomes the standard that we expect. A new vibe also becomes a marker of quality.

The creative methods we use will change over time but it is still a person, a designer, who thinks creatively to figure out how to best represent the product.

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02.56 – Vibe shifts in life

08.24 – Illustrating mini vibes

09.56 – Changes in product design

16.22 – Marketing vibes

20.20 – Leaders in design shifts

24.34 – Internet native vs AI native

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