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May 16, 2022
255: The pay gap between product and marketing designers

Today we are chatting about a topic very near and dear to our hearts, the pay gap between marketing/brand designers and product designers. What is causing the gap and how can we work towards closing it?

key takeaways

How many brand/marketing designers see Product/UX design as the next level in their career? Some designers feel that there are less opportunities for growth in brand and marketing roles, and opt to switch to product/UX for the chance to make faster or more direct progress.

Product/UX is aligned with engineering and the team creating the product from scratch, while marketing and brand design is on the growth and promotion side of things. Sometimes marketing and brand design can be seen as something which is ‘nice to have’ rather than the essential part of the business that it is.

Differing business structures can result in brand/marketing designers and product designers being seen as separate, each adding a different value back to the business. Along with the pay gap, this can create a divide.

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00.56 – Check in

04.55 – The pay gap

10.50 – Organisation/business structure

18.07 – The difference between brand and marketing designers

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