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May 30, 2022
257: Collaboration between senior and junior designers

This week on Design Life we chat specifically about collaborating with designers of a different level. Maybe you’re a junior designer collaborating with a senior designer for the first time or vice versa, we discuss which skills you need to make collaboration seamless.

key takeaways

When considering which projects have the most potential for collaboration, choose projects without strict or difficult timeframes. A project with more time available will give junior designers the chance to do their best work and senior designers more time to mentor.

As a designer, if you don't advocate to work on the parts of a project that you are interested in you might not get them, and not because you don't have the skill to be able to deliver the project but because the person assigning the work didn’t know you were interested. The same goes for opportunities to collaborate, make sure you've made your interest in collaboration known before the project is underway.

As a senior designer, be clear with your feedback. Make sure the junior designer you're working with understands which of your suggestions need to be implemented and which are to be considered further.

If you are a junior designer, don't feel you are a burden to your team or mentor because you're asking questions. You bring a fresh perspective to your team and you’re giving the senior designer a chance to mentor, which is very valuable to them in their career development too.

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01.30 – Check in

05.24 – Fem's experience as a junior designer

12.00 – Working as an intern

13.26 – What I wish I had done differently as a junior

16.00 – Figuring our feedback

19.38 – Communicating as a team

24.30 – Working with junior designers now

26.58 – Why junior designers are valuable team members

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