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August 1, 2022
260: Taking a sabbatical

In this episode we chat about Charli’s recent sabbatical, the preparations involved beforehand and what elements from the month will become part of a new routine.

key takeaways

Using up a large chunk of annual leave in one go might feel risky, in case something unexpected crops up later in the year. Consider sprinkling your annual leave throughout the year. Taking Fridays off during the Summer will give you lots of three day weekends to enjoy.

Taking time off when changing jobs or moving between companies is a great way to disconnect from one job before starting another, and might give you more control over how long you can take as you negotiate your new start date.

While unlimited leave sounds good, many say they feel uncomfortable taking time off and work more, rather than less.

If you’re unsure what documentation to leave your team before an extended break, ask to see what your colleague’s have left, to give you ideas.

show timestamps

02.56 – Why take a sabbatical

08.18 – Our ideal vacation

11.38 – Pre-sabbatical preparation

16.56 – Going back to work

20.34 – Managing contact with work during time off

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