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September 5, 2022
263: How we communicate async at work

Today on Design Life we answer a listener question about all the asynchronous communication methods we use at work.

key takeaways

Find out what preferences your team mates have for asynchronous communication. Some people like video, some like voice memos while some people prefer to have messages typed. Find out more about the tools you already use and new or existing features that are available to help you communicate with your team.

Scheduling messages respects different people’s working hours and timezones. Preparing your message in the moment allows you to check it off your to do list when its fresh in your mind.

Use synchronous time wisely. If a chat is getting long and a little out of hand, switch to a meeting. Keep it brief and to the point.

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01.05 – Check in

06.16 – Communication at work

13.30 – When do we choose Async comms

16.40 – How we ask for feedback, asynchronously

22.10 – Managing comms across platforms

28.00 – Other tools we use

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