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October 17, 2022
268: A real look into today's design interview process

A real look into today's design interview process! We chat about what it is like trying to get a job in this economy and what interview techniques you can use to land your next job.

key takeaways

Applying for multiple jobs and not hearing back can be really tough. Even with a referral, you might not hear back. Don’t feel that it's just you. This happens to lots of designers during the job hunt.

In the current climate there are more senior IC roles than managerial roles. If you’re aiming for managerial, but would be equally as happy as a senior IC, make sure you have all your bases covered and communicate your availability for any open roles.

During the interview process, don’t just talk about what you did but how you did it. Give examples of a time you encountered conflict in your team, a time you didn’t get your way, or had to give or receive difficult feedback. Think about what you learned and what you did differently next time and be ready to talk about it.

show timestamps

01.20 – Catch up

05.03 – Femke’s job hunt

10.07 – The application process

17.40 – Moving into management

24.55 – Preparing for interview

28.48 – Looking ahead to the new role

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