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May 23, 2016
027: What if nobody notices?

Things get deep this week as we discuss a fear that many creatives have: what if nobody notices my work? When you work hard on something, and especially if the result is something that could help people, there’s no shame in wanting that work to be seen and appreciated. A lack of recognition or attention can be hard to deal with, especially if you’re not seeing growth in something you’ve been working on for a while. In this episode we chat about situations where we’ve felt this fear, and give solutions for how to deal with it.

key takeaways

It is not big-headed to want people to notice your work. Don’t be shy; share it proudly. Remember that there is someone who will benefit from seeing your work and they may not find it if you just let it sit there silently. Have some confidence in yourself and have patience, and you’ll get there.

Be smart with how you shout about your work though. Don’t talk at people, talk with them about it. Drive conversation and show them what value they’ll get from checking it out.

Don’t give up on a project you’re passionate about just because nobody has noticed yet. Make some adjustments, revaluate how you could improve it and test things to get people to notice.

If you’re launching something like a product or a course, it may be smart to work on building an audience first. Try out content marketing and build an audience who will be more likely to check out your work when you do launch it.

Everyone has to start somewhere. It takes time. Never assume that all of your audience will be interested in everything you do, but as you launch more projects and build a reputation, people will start to take notice.

Your track record will show you can deliver quality work, and they’ll become more loyal. Remember: it’s about engagement rather than numbers.

show timestamps

0:35 – Intro to todays topic

1:40 – Weekly catch up

5:00 – The fear of nobody noticing initially, and over time

7:30 – If nobody notices after a while, should you give it up?

8:55 – A big audience isn’t the goal for everyone

12:20 – Our biggest fear with launching something new

16:20 – What would we have done if nobody listened to our podcast at first?

17:35 – The value of an audience

19:20 – Waiting to launch until you have an audience

21:30 – It’s about level of engagement rather than size

22:30 – Struggling to shout about yourself

24:30 – Making adjustments rather than giving up

26:00 – Comparing yourself to others

28:30 – The hardest thing about having no one notice your work

29:00 – Insecurities could help you improve your project

34:15 – People care, they may just not have seen your work yet

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