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December 5, 2022
272: Deciding what side projects to tackle in 2023

Planning your side projects for 2023? If you're thinking of expanding or starting a side project over the next 12 months we hope you find value in this episode as we share our plans and ideas for 2023.

key takeaways

If you’re thinking of starting something new in 2023, consider how it will fit in with your life rather than taking it over completely. We’re aiming for balance in 2023, and thinking about using monthly themes to help achieve this.

Remember that your side project is something you have chosen to do, so it should be something you have enough interest in to keep you going when having to do the tasks you don’t find as enjoyable - like taxes!

Weigh up the effort for the reward. Don’t let perfection or trying to reach a golden standard hold you back.

Think about what people learn about you when they look at your projects, and what impression they might get. Can you align your projects around a common interest?

show timestamps

01.25 – Check in

05.32 – Our plans for 2023

12.20 – New side projects

22.15 – Imposter syndrome

26.20 – Monetisation

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