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February 27, 2023
274: Are you inexperienced if you don't name your layers?

Are you an inexperienced designer if you don't name your layers? In our first episode of 2023 we discuss this question and why gatekeeping like this within the industry holds designers back.

key takeaways

Naming your layers has no impact on your ability as a designer. However, it can make it easier for other designers to navigate your file if they need to so there are times when naming layers can be useful. For example, if you’re creating a design system which will be used by other designers, naming layers is very useful for everyone.

Sometimes in our work we have to decide how best our time can be spent. If you’re under pressure for time, decide whether to spend time completing other tasks, like talking to the developer or creating more iterations so that the finished product is closer to the end goal.

If you're working on a file that someone else created and the layers haven't been named, embrace the tool you're using - there are other ways to find out which layer is which.

show timestamps

04.40 – Let’s talk about naming layers

13.30 – Gatekeeping in the design community

20.06 – Should designers know how to code?

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