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March 20, 2023
275: The realities of being a manager AND an IC

In this episode of Design Life we chat about managing the split between IC work and being a manager and how we balance the responsibilities of both in our day to day work.

key takeaways

The biggest benefit of having the dual role of IC and manager is being a decision maker on projects and having more of a say. Another aspect we love is helping the designers within our teams grow and reach their goals.

There are drawbacks to having a dual role too, a lack of time to focus on being creative and to complete creative projects being one of them. Context switching, moving from questions about tiny details to planning projects, resourcing and deadlines can also be difficult at times.

We wish we knew before we started that at times, it does feel chaotic. Headspace and thinking space can be in short supply, and important conversations might need to wait if there are other priorities that need to come first.

show timestamps

01.11 – Catch up

05.25 – What does work look like for us, day to day

10.40 – Management priorities

16.30 – Preparing for a performance review

19.36 – IC or manager, which do we prefer?

25.30 – The pros and cons of the player/coach role

29.30 – What we wish we knew before we started

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