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April 3, 2023
276: Managing in different directions

Find yourself in a new role and managing in different directions? Us too! In this episode we're talking how to make the most of managing in different directions.

key takeaways

Managing up, down, across or in any direction boils down to clear communication. Do you know the goals and objectives that you need to prioritise and are you working towards them, and in turn, does your manager know that you are. What are your goals? Share them with your manager. If your manager doesn't know what your goals are, they can't put you forward for projects or opportunities that will help you achieve them.

Put your work into the context of the things your manager is focused on. Make sure they understand your work and your team’s work so they mention your name at the table.

Want to start managing up? One on ones with your manager are a great time to start. Make them aware of the things you need and the things you’re working on. Plan an agenda for your one to ones with your manager.

When managing up, you need to meet people half way. If you rely on your manager noticing things on their own before you bring them up, they might not notice them on their own. Being honest and upfront can be an effective way of building strong communication between you both.

show timestamps

02.38 – Catch up

05.34 – What does managing up mean to us?

11.08 – Struggles with managing up

14.58 – Meeting each other half way

22.35 – Shifting across, down and up

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