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April 17, 2023
277: Learning throughout different stages of your design career

This week on Design Life we’re chatting about learning throughout different stages of our design careers, and how our approach to learning has changed over time.

key takeaways

Our approach to learning has changed over time. As a designer, when you are starting out in your career, you learn the fundamentals and the basics of design and the soft skills that are necessary in your role. When we think back to that time we also remember taking in as much information about design as we could access, some information that was specific to our current project at that time and some that was not. As we changed from being newly qualified designers to established ones, our learning became more situational and we sought out specific advice about the situation or project at hand.

At this point in our careers, being inspired by how other designers create their work, lead their team or solve problems with innovative solutions inspires us to continue learning.

There are often hidden opportunities in side projects to learn something new.

When you try to teach others it clarifies your own approach. Teaching gives you the chance to distill your knowledge in order to pass it on to others.

A key take away from this episode - never stop learning. If you stay curious and are open to learning and taking new ideas on board, you will never stagnate.

show timestamps

01.12 – Check in

05.18 – What learning looks like for us now

09.50 – Learning with others

12.50 – How we decide what to learn

14.50 – Conferences as a space to learn

20.40 – Making time for learning

23.00 – The benefits of side projects

26.28 – What we want to learn about next

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