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May 2, 2023
278: Are you on the right path in your design career?

Wondering if you are on the right path in your design career? Fear not, we have a very reassuring conversation this week on the podcast! Hear all about how we've used the design career checkpoint to help reflect on our careers and set new goals.

key takeaways

Finding alignment in your career between what you’re doing and what you want to be doing can be difficult. Take the time to check in with yourself every now and again, this will help you to make sure you’re working towards what you actually want.

In this episode we discuss different categories to consider when you are reviewing your current work situation. The categories include workload, quality of the work, team, growth opportunities, impact and compensation. For detailed breakdowns of each category, listen to the full episode! And check out the worksheet available here through Charli’s website.

show timestamps

01.12 – Check in

04.00 – Our work situation right now

09.25 – What to do if the alignment is off

13.40 – The design career checkpoint worksheet

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