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May 15, 2023
279: Validating design solutions

Today on the Design Life podcast we are answering a listener question from an engineer, who is looking for advice on how to validate a design and communicate this with the relevant stakeholders.

key takeaways

In order to validate design you need to know what you are measuring, you need to know what the end goal of your product or design is. Research and user testing if they are available to you, can be helpful. Knowing what the goal is helps us to make better decisions.

As designers we might know something could be better but if its meeting our goals then it might not be the top priority. Sometimes the pitch is what sells the product or service to the user and compels them to sign up. The design can be tweaked as and when there is the time to do so.

If you are seeking to make improvement but aren’t sure where to start, check what queries are coming in via support. They might be easily fixed but maybe you could solve whatever problem is causing the support queries in the first place.

As a designer, stay curious about the impact of your work. Seek out the data and review it impartially. This will really help you to make small changes that create big impact over time.

show timestamps

01.38 – Catch up

05.20 – We’ve been in a similar situation to the listener

12.25 – Qualitative research

14.50 – What to do if your metrics are okay, but there is room for improvement

20.00 – Be curious

22.18 – How to approach design/management

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