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June 20, 2023
280: Preparing for a feature launch as a designer

Preparing for a feature launch as a designer is such an exciting time! To see your work come to fruition brings with it a fantastic feeling, but it's not always plain sailing. In this episode we discuss the highs and lows of working on feature launches as a designer.

key takeaways

The main takeaway from this episode is how important it is to celebrate launches - that’s what makes them memorable! Seeing the product or feature you have worked on be launched to users is very exciting, and celebrating this with your team, whether in person or virtually, will give you a lasting feeling of satisfaction.

Some launches are more successful than others, this is part of working within the design industry. You can be pleased with the customer feedback you get, yet at the same time wish more customers were using or interacting with the new feature! Take every launch as an opportunity to learn new skills which you can apply to your next launch.

show timestamps

00.30 – Catch up

03.24 – What did Convertkit launch?

04.48 – The role of the Creative Director in the run up to a launch

07.40 – The product side of a launch

13.15 – Day of the launch feels

15.54 – Rolling back a launch

18.39 – Favourite launch to date

21.28 – Realtime customer feedback

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