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July 24, 2023
281: How to make the most of a design conference

Are you attending a design conference this summer? In this episode we share our favourite tips for making the most of the conference experience to maximise learning, connection and most importantly - fun!

key takeaways

We like to attend conferences for many different reasons, one of them being networking. Does this mean we've set up a stall handing out business cards? Of course not! Join in the pre-conference introductions in the online channels, whether that is on social media or a dedicated Slack workspace. Introduce yourself and find out who else will be attending the conference. This is a great way to find out what unoffical meetups might be taking place outside of the conference schedule, a chance for some fun and genuine networking.

Go outside your comfort zone. Try attending a conference talk that interests you and isn’t within the area you currently work. You might be less likely to listen to a talk on an unfamiliar topic from the comfort of your own home, but being in person gives you the chance to follow something that might peak your interest on that particular day.

Before the conference, consider how you will record your key takeaways. Do you want to take notes? If so, how? Instead of taking notes which detail what the speaker is saying - can you try taking notes about what thoughts or new ideas come to mind for you, as you hear the speaker's talk.

show timestamps

03.30 – Our approach to design conferences

06.50 – How we plan our conference schedule

12.38 – Note taking at conferences

16.40 - Networking

25.50 – Solo attendee? Our tips

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