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December 5, 2023
283: Our copywriting process

In this episode of the Design Life podcast we chat about all things copywriting!

key takeaways

To start off this episode, let’s define content and copy. Content describes what the user will see on a webpage and what the company wants to communicate to the user. Content can include the start of both the design and copy process. Copy describes the exact words that will be on the page.

On a small team, or when resources are limited, copy writing is often a shared responsibility and can turn into a free for all. Maintaining a source of truth can be difficult but using a Guidelines document that clarifies tone, grammar points and what phrases to use on buttons and other recurring features can help.

It can be difficult to interpret and assess a design with placeholder text, but first draft copy can distract from other elements that require feedback. It’s a really tricky balance to achieve! Highlight when copy is still a work in progress with stakeholders to cut down unnecessary time being spent on critiquing it.

show timestamps

01.15 – Do we have copywriters on our teams?

06.00 – Source of truth

10.30 – Maintaining a consistent voice

11.40 – Content 101 guidelines

15.05 – Copy evolves parallel to design

17.55 – Getting feedback

20.00 – Hiring copywriters

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