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February 12, 2024
284: Our Career and Personal Goals for 2024

In this episode we are going to share our goals for the year ahead when it comes to our careers, side projects and a bit of personal stuff.

key takeaways

Welcome back, design enthusiasts! We're kicking off 2024 by bring you up to speed on our latest adventures and aspirations.

🌟 Life Updates: Tune in as we share the latest updates from our lives – from career milestones to more personal things, we're laying it all on the table.

💼 Career and Side Project Plans: Get ready to dive into our ambitious plans for the year ahead. We're talking side gigs, big dreams, and everything in between. Charlie is sharing her plans to organise an in-person meet up in New Zealand, her plans for the upcoming book, while Femke reveals the upcoming course you might still have the chance to sign up to.

🎨 Hobbies: But wait, there's more! Discover our latest passions outside the design world. From creative writing to sewing, we're exploring new passions and keeping the creativity flowing. Who knows? You might just find some inspiration for your own creative journey.

So, grab your favourite beverage, cozy up, and join us for a candid conversation about life, design, and the exciting adventures that lie ahead.

show timestamps

1:15 Recent updates from Charli

2:48 Recent updates from Femke

4:02 Sharing vision, plans and projects for 2024

9:13 Anything new we would like to build this year?

9:27 Charli’s live workshop in New Zealand

10:20 Femke shares her plans for the upcoming year

14:40 Thoughts on task delegation

17:02 Charli’s career goals

18:08 Charli’s book updates

19:50 Charli shares how she started doing creative writing

21:31 Discussing our hobbies

24:11 New hobbies for 2024

25:36 Femke’s plans while being on maternity leave this year and how it can affect her content

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