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March 11, 2024
286: Should you take deadlines seriously?

In this episode, Charli and Femke give an elaborate reply to one of the listener's requests: whether deadlines should be taken seriously.

key takeaways

In this episode Charli shares her personal experience of how she got burned out from her side projects. She talks about the subtle signs and symptoms that indicate burnout and how to confront them. Charli decided to drop her side projects and restructured her life to recover from burnout.

Charli and Femke touch upon how burn out can affect your career choices, the importance of diversifying your daily activities and hobbies, why burnout is so prevalent in creative professions and the importance of defining what is healthy balance for you.

show timestamps

1:18 Femke shares her latest life updates

2:21 Charli shares her latest life updates

3:26 Charli reflects on how she realised she has burnout and how she confronted it

6:53 Charli delves into how stopping her side projects affected her full-time job

7:55 Charlie talks about how publicly announcing that she stopped her side projects affected her relationships with people

9:40 Charli shares what she does with the extra time and headspace she has now

11:59 Charli reflects on how she recognised she has a burn out

13:21 Charli gives advice for listeners who think they might be burned out

14:25 Femke talks about the importance of defining what healthy balance is for her in order to avoid burnout

15:54 Femke shares if she ever experienced burnout in her career

16:49 Femke discusses if burnout lead her to decisions to change her jobs

17:11 Charli shares how burn out affected her career choices

19:32 Charli shares if she learnt anything new about herself after she stopped her side projects and started spending more time on her hobbies

20:17 Femke discusses her perception of identity in relation to work

21:40 Charli talks about how burnout can happen outside of job context

24:05 Charli and Femke discuss why burn out is so prevalent in tech industry

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