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March 26, 2024
287: Why your personal brand matters

In this podcast episode, Femke and Charli talk about the concept of personal branding and discuss the evolution of their personal brands over time.

key takeaways

In this podcast episode, Femke and Charli delve into the concept of personal branding. They discuss whether personal branding requires strategic planning and the level of intentionality one should have regarding their personal brand. Femke and Charli explore the distinction between personal and company brands, the objectives personal branding can help achieve and whether individuals can truly control others' perceptions of them through personal branding.  Femke and Charli also touch upon the importance of personal branding for designers and how to cultivate it within a company they work at. Finally, the hosts address the issue of misalignment between one's perceived and desired personal brand, offering guidance on how to navigate this discrepancy.

show timestamps

01:54 - Life update

04:22 - Is personal brand something that is instinctive or do you need to be strategic about it?

5: 00 Femke shares her thoughts on the difference between her personal and her company brands

07:11 - What goals personal brand can helps you achieve? 

09:40 - How intentional are you about your personal brand? Is it something that you change every year?

12:52 - Can you control what people think about you with personal branding? 

15:38 Why as designers we need to think more about our personal brand? How to build your personal brand internally in your company?

17:54 Femke asks Charli how has her personal brand evolved over the years.

18:47 - Is there anything that people reach out to you for surprises you?

21:44 - What to do if people’s perception of you is not aligned with your personal brand?

24:33 - Updates on Charli’s workshop


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