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April 22, 2024
289: How to know when it's time to move on from a job

In this podcast episode, Charli and Femke explore the dynamics of staying and leaving roles, discuss the importance of difficult conversations, internal reputation, personal growth and there is also a bonus checklist for listeners thinking about career transitions.

key takeaways

In this episode, Charli reflects on her 7-year journey at her current workplace, emphasizing the importance of difficult conversations in clarifying issues such as salary and job satisfaction. Femke talks about the struggles she experienced of leaving behind internal reputation and connections when transitioning roles, highlighting the value of established relationships within a company. They discuss the concept of "golden handcuffs" and the need to see if current job aligns with personal growth and challenges. Charli and Femke also share personal experiences of leaving previous jobs in tech, offering insights into recognizing signs for change and taking the first steps towards opportunities.

show timestamps


01:02 Episode intro

02:01 Life update

05:42 Charli shares her journey at the current workplace and emphasises the importance of addressing concerns

09:45 The value of reputation and relationships you’ve built within the company.

10:48 What is golden handcuffs concept?

11:35 How to identifying important things in your role if you are starting to think it’s time to move on?

12:52 Why did Femke decide to move on from her first position?

15:59 Charli shares why she moved on from her first job in tech.

17:14 Why did Femke leave her second role?

18:59 Femke shares the signs that made it clear to her that she should move on.

20:27 What was the timeframe from the decision to taking the first steps to move on?

24:44 Was there a moment at Uber when Femke thought it’s time to move on but then realised she should continue?

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