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June 27, 2016
032: Living in the Present

Things get philosophical in this episode as we talk about the importance of living in the ‘now’. It’s so easy to look at successful people and feel pressured to hustle more so that you can achieve what they have, but if you don’t enjoy the journey towards your goals and find fulfilment in the process, will you ever feel content? We want you to know it’s okay to have down time! In this episode we share tips for remembering to enjoy your present, and how this works in with your future goals.

key takeaways

You are not invincible. At some point you’re going to have to sleep! Don’t be too hard on yourself or overload yourself with an impossible amount of tasks. Give yourself time to enjoy the present.

Doing fulfilling work will allow you to be a happy person. It’s up to you to work out the formula for what needs to go into your life in order to enjoy it fully, but when you figure it out, you should fill your week accordingly.

It’s easy to feel a constant pressure to hustle harder and work more, but it is possible to be successful and still have down time.

If you’re not enjoying your present, will you enjoy the future that it’s leading to? It’s normally to have to work hard at something that’s not your ideal to get to where you want to be, but it’s important to find a way to enjoy the journey and the process of achieving your goals. Don’t put your happiness on hold.

show timestamps

00:30 – Intro and catch up

04:20 – Making the most of the moment

05:45 – Work as life

07:15 – Spontaneity

09:00 – Focussing on the future

12:00 – The importance of down time

13:45 – What happens when your future goals become your present?

16:45 – The affect of side projects on living in the moment

19:30 – The pressure to hustle 100% of the time

23:45 – Tips from our listeners for living in the now

25:50 – We only get one life

28:45 – Recognising your current-day accomplishments

30:40 – Advice for enjoying your present

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