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July 18, 2016
035: Defining a niche for your work

Defining a niche means targeting a specific audience with your work and content. In this episode we discuss the benefits of this focussed approach and discuss the niche(s) we’re aiming our content at. You’ll hear advice for choosing a niche, and we’ll quell any fears that you’ll find it harder to build an audience or find clients if you don’t appeal to everyone. Trust us; you will!

key takeaways

Niche content is more likely to attract an engaged audience than something that has mass appeal. You want people to care, you want to get to know your audience, you want to attract the right type of clients, and niching down is a perfect way to do this.

Having a niche helps you grow not only your audience, but your skills too. You’ll be focussing on improving in that area and becoming known for your chosen ‘thing’

Try a broad range of options before you pick a niche to focus on. You don’t want to define yourself in a box you don’t like. Your niche can get as granular as you like. Keep refining until you’re attracting exactly the right audience members or clients for you.

Your niche is your public face. Just because you market your strength it doesn’t mean you can’t still do other things on the side, so don’t be afraid of committing.

show timestamps

0:45 – Intro & catch up

7:30 – Fem’s niche

11:30 – Charli’s niche

13:20 – Attracting people outside your niche

16:20 – Noticing more engagement when niching down

18:15 – How do you niche down successfully?

22:20 – Why a niche is important

29:10 – Our listeners’ niche

33:15 – Your niche is how you market yourself

38:00 – How to choose your niche

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