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August 1, 2016
037: Bringing new clients onboard

Bringing a new client onboard is the start of a new working relationship, and it’s important to get it started on the right foot. Having an onboarding process in place to streamline this beginning phase can save you time and also set expectations with your potential client. In this episode we discuss our process, and share advice for figuring out your own.

key takeaways

An onboarding process helps you figure out if the client will be a good fit. It sets expectations and gets the project off to a good, professional start.

To figure out your onboarding process, look at the interactions you’ve had with clients in the past and figure out which parts could be grouped together in a questionnaire or automated to save you time. Drawing diagrams is a great way to map out your process and refine it into as few steps as possible.

Always be open to improving your process. Look at where clients drop off and see what you could improve on, but remember that drop offs could just mean your onboarding is weeding out the wrong type of client.

show timestamps

00:00 – Intro & catch up

05:30 – Why attracting clients is better than finding them

07:20 – What is onboarding?

08:40 – Benefits of an onboarding process

13:00 – Femke’s onboarding process

17:15 – Questionnaires

22:40 – Budget talk

31:45 – What to do when the project is over

33:20 – How to put a process in place

36:30 – Clients dropping off during the process

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