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August 22, 2016
040: Fear of Failure

A fear of failure can hold us back from going after opportunities, starting new projects, and aiming high. In this episode we talk about how failure is a natural part of the learning and making process, and it’s only an end point if we let it be. In the end the only real failure is giving up, or not even trying it in the first place. You’ll hear advice for pushing through this fear, and hear us talk about the mindset shift you need in order to see the positives in your failures.

key takeaways

You get to decide what both success and failure mean to you. Remember there is a middle ground between the two, so just because you don’t reach a lofty goal you set for yourself, it does not mean you’ve failed.

The only true failure is in giving up. Quitting a project (or not even starting it) means you’ll stay stationary. If you attempt something and it doesn’t turn out as you’d hoped, at least it’s a step forward towards your goal, and you know to try something different next time.

Failure is only an end point if you let it be. You can choose to focus on the positives and take what you learned from the experience to move on and try again, or you can call it quits. It’s up to you to decide if the failure is going to be the end, or just a dip in the road.

show timestamps

00:40 – Intro and catch up

05:05 – Fear of failing potential projects

09:30 – The only true failure is giving up

11:20 – Setting high goals

13:30 – Sharing your failures

14:50 – Why we’re afraid of failure

17:10 – Failing in public

21:50 – Part of the learning process

24:45 – Regretting the things we don’t do

25:25 – Can failure be a good thing?

28:00 – Failure as a motivator

34:20 – Last words of advice

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