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September 19, 2016
044: What to do at the end of a client project

With freelance projects, last impressions can have just as much meaning as a first impression; you need to make your wrap-up process count! In this episode you’ll hear advice for finishing up a client project and getting feedback to both improve your process, and use as a testimonial.

key takeaways

Having a dedicated page for your client to download deliverables from gives a strong last impression. It’s important to end the project on a good note so that client will come back to you again, or refer you to a friend.

To get a good testimonial from a client, ask leading questions and give them examples of past feedback to make it easier for them.

As well as getting feedback to display in a case study, you can encourage your client to leave private feedback that will help you improve your process.

show timestamps

00:30 – Intro & catch up

04:20 – Handing over the deliverables

08:30 – Sending a questionnaire

13:10 – Getting constructive feedback from a client

16:30 – Repeat clients

19:20 – When to ask for feedback

22:40 – How to display testimonials

24:30 – Case studies

26:15 – Advice for getting clients to return

36:00 – Tips for setting up your own off-boarding process

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