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October 3, 2016
046: Dealing with harsh critique

Harsh critique is something we all encounter, and when you’ve not yet built up a thick skin it can be very hard to deal with. In this episode we give you advice for taking this feedback on board without letting it affect you emotionally.

key takeaways

There is a difference between harsh critique and ‘hate’. Harsh critique is constructive and aims to make you better at what you do, whereas hate comes from a mean-spirited person trying to break you down. You’ll learn to recognise the differences between the two and know when to pay attention, and when to brush it off.

It is vital to develop a thick skin and learn to detach your emotions from your work. Remember that a critique is feedback on your work, not on you as a person. We all struggle to deal with harsh critique at times, but it’s up to us to not let it affect us.

show timestamps

00:20 – Intro and catch up

03:45 – Emails from our listeners

06:50 – Feeling vulnerable

10:10 – Harsh feedback vs hate

12:45 – Building a thick skin

14:00 – Asking for feedback

18:50 – Plussing

20:45 – Encouraging good feedback from others

23:00 – Rushing to get feedback

25:45 – We need harsh critique

30:45 – Feedback is just a suggestion

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