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November 21, 2016
053: Should you market yourself as an individual or a studio?

When you market yourself for freelance work, there are two main ways to brand yourself: as an individual or as a studio. In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of each and help you figure out which option is best for you.

key takeaways

The way you brand yourself will affect the perception people will have of you. Some people feel that branding yourself as a studio can encourage people to take you more seriously.

Branding yourself as a studio with a SEO-friendly name is a great way to target a specific niche.

Generally, studios attract bigger clients and more complex projects, so if you’re a studio of one, be sure your website makes it clear what kinds of projects you take on.

Marketing yourself as an individual, especially when you’re starting out, is great for building your reputation as a creative.

There are still opportunities to do work for big companies as an individual. Once you make a name for yourself and identify your specific skill set, you’ll be approached for projects because a company wants to work with you in particular.

show timestamps

00:00 – Intro and catch up

04:40 – How Femke brands herself

08:10 – Your personal brand

12:00 – The types of clients individuals or studios attracts

13:30 – Building a name for yourself

16:00 – If you’re just starting out, what should you do?

20:20 – Naming

24:20 – Our listeners thoughts

31:30 – Your goals

33:50 – Being clear about what you offer

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