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November 28, 2016
054: Advice for content marketing

Content marketing doesn’t have to be a thing only big businesses do to seem like they know their customers; it’s something we as creatives can do to get our names out there, attract the right type of client, and become a part of the creative community by giving knowledge back. In this episode we discuss the benefits we’ve gotten from content marketing, as well as tips for creating content.

key takeaways

Creating content isn’t just a good way to attract the right type of client, but it also establishes your reputation, helps you learn, let’s you give back to other creatives, and become a part of the community.

The target audience of your content doesn’t have to be your ideal client. Writing about what you know will show potential clients why they should trust you with their project, whether they’re the intended audience for the content or not.

If you struggle with knowing what to write about, give yourself some structure by choosing some categories to use as a starting point for ideas. Constraints breed creativity!

If you think you’re not a writer, remember practice is key. Try different ways of writing and you’ll find your writing voice, and the style of writing that is most comfortable for you.

show timestamps

00:00 – Intro and catch up

03:20 – What is content marketing?

08:00 – Why do we put effort into marketing through content?

13:20 – What we’ve gotten out of creating content

19:00 – Idea generation techniques

23:30 – Different content streams

26:00 – Scheduling content

30:40 – Authenticity and quality

32:00 – Our listener’s reasons for creating content

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