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January 16, 2017
060: Focus time

Lack of focus is our biggest enemy when it comes to productivity. In this episode we talk about focus time and how we can create it for ourselves. We discuss some different apps and techniques that help towards finding focus, but we also talk about the fact that focus looks different for everyone. The thing that helps someone else focus may not work for you, but it’s about experimenting and seeing what sticks.

key takeaways

Finding focus allows you to work smarter and get your tasks done sooner, so you can take more breaks and live a more balanced life.

Changing locations can be a great way to get over an afternoon slump. Set a task and head to a cafe, or even just a different place in the office, to get it done.

Focus looks different for everyone. Try out different techniques and/or apps until you find that thing that helps you get in your groove.

Don’t use lack of focus as an excuse. Time is precious so make use of it the best you can. If you’re commuting, for example, try writing on your phone or listening to an educational podcast to make use of the time.

show timestamps

00:00 – Intro & catch up

04:00 – What does focus look like for you?

08:45 – Tasks that need different levels of focus

10:50 – Focus struggles

14:20 – Distraction app blockers

16:30 – Comodoro technique

20:00 – Commuting

22:20 – Bullet journaling

24:10 – Tips from our listeners

33:40 – Wrap up

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