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February 6, 2017
063: Advice for remote working

Remote working is becoming more and more common, and more and more desirable these days. In this episode we discuss our remote jobs and share advice for focussing and connecting with your team as a remote worker, and making the most of your nomadic situation.

key takeaways

The key to communication when working remote is to over-communicate everything. Your coworkers can’t just lean over and see what you’re working on so make sure you update them, and ask them lots of questions if there is anything holding you up.

Be sure to connect with your workmates on a personal level too. Chat about random things in your communication tool and try to use video for calls whenever possible.

When you work remote you have the chance to create your ideal working situation. Make use of that and set up an awesome space for working at home, or go to a co-working space if office environments suit you better.

Remote working isn’t for everyone. If you’re the type of person who needs lots of direction, finds it hard to focus on your own and craves being around other people, it may not be the best setting for you to be productive in.

show timestamps

00:35 – Intro & Catch-up

04:00 – Our work situations

06:45 – Timezones & communication

10:20 – Casual chat

14:00 – Working environment

17:20 – Getting lonely

19:10 – Focussing while working at home

22:40 – Over-working

25:00 – Listener questions

40:45 – last words of advice

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