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March 6, 2017
067: We need more crappy work

The design world has gotten a little too perfect. All we see are beautiful finished products. The ideas thrown out along the way never get shared. But there is value in sharing your process and it can help others learn. In this episode we talking about perfectionism and sharing, and about how we need to see more crappy work.

key takeaways

Dribbble used to be about work in progress. Instagram used to be about amateur photography. Now we worry if something is ‘worthy’ of being shown on these platforms. We need to take them back and remember they are ours to post whatever we like!

Designers who struggle with perfectionism don’t share their work in progress. Not only does this mean they aren’t getting feedback along the way, but others who could learn from seeing their process are missing out.

Your portfolio is not the place for crappy work unless shown as part of your process in a case study. Instead share on Dribbble, Twitter, Instagram, or a ‘work in progress’ section of your site.

Don’t underestimate the value of play. Work doesn’t always have to have a purpose. You can design something simply because you want to.

show timestamps

2:02 – Catchup

5:36 – Discussion on why we need more crappy work

11:12 – The importance of showing your process and sharing more

13:36 – The perfectionism of Dribbble

15:24 – Is there a time and place for crappy work?

18:00 – Is crappy work actually crappy?

19:06 – What we’re doing to share more crappy work

21:28 – Case studies as a way to show more behind the scenes

23:44 – The importance of play

26:14 – Poll results

27:28 – How we plan to take action

29:04 – Listeners responses

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