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March 13, 2017
068: Speeding up your workflow

When you’ve got a tight deadline to meet (or when you’ve just got a lot to do) little tricks to speed up your workflow can make all the difference. In this episode we talk about how our workflows have improved over the years and suggest some ideas for you to try.

key takeaways

Automate or create templates for tasks you find yourself repeating a lot. There’s no need to waste time creating something from scratch (even if it only takes a minute) when it’s something you’ve done before.

Use placeholder text and images in your design work to keep momentum rather than waiting for final assets to be ready. In the beginning phases it’s more important to keep moving and getting ideas out than it is for the content to be correct.

To speed up your workflow, you have to be okay with being scrappy. Don’t waste time worrying about being perfect.

Remember that there isn’t one correct workflow. Things that speed others process up may not gel for you, but keep trying out new things to figure out the tips that work best.

show timestamps

00:00 – Intro & catch up

05:30 – Workflow improving over time

08:35 – Creating templates to save yourself time

12:40 – Wireframe templates

14:55 – Sketch workflow tips

23:00 – How we improved our workflows

25:00 – Forming habits

26:10 – Messy and fast vs slower and perfect

28:30 – The importance of writing drafts

32:00 – Tips from our listeners

35:50 – Last words of advice

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