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March 20, 2017
069: Stepping out of your comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone is something you have to do every now and then to learn and develop. In this episode we talk about what that means for us in terms of our side projects, taking on new opportunities, and also with our design style.

key takeaways

– When stepping out of your comfort zone, often the benefits outweigh the fear you feel. And that’s reason enough to go for it!

– If you find yourself turning down an opportunity, ask yourself why you’re saying no? Make sure it’s for the right reasons (maybe that it’s not a good fit, or not something you have any interest in) and not just because you’re afraid.

– Over time with the more you face your fears, the things you were once afraid of will become a part of your comfort zone. How cool is that!?

– Leaving your comfort zone isn’t just about big dramatic new things, it could be about simply staying out of a design rut and confining yourself to a certain design style. Don’t let your skills stagnate.

show timestamps

1:12 – Catchup

5:44 – Do we actively look for opportunities to step out of our comfort zone?

10:50 – Benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone

11:38 – How do you know when to step out of your comfort zone

14:58 – Saying no to something outside of your comfort zone

17:28 – Should stepping out of your comfort zone be aligned with your goals?

18:56 – Embracing things outside your comfort zone

21:24 – Stepping out of your design style

27:24 – Listener’s tweets

32:40 – Wrap up

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