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April 10, 2017
072: Teaching yourself a new skill

Learning a new skill can be hard, especially when you’re teaching yourself. But it’s also a vital part of growing as a designer throughout your career. In this episode we chat about how we teach ourselves new skills, the struggles we face, and how we deal with them.

key takeaways

When learning something new, you need a solid motivator so that you’ll make learning a priority. If that reason or motivation isn’t coming from an outside source you’ll have to give yourself one, and stick to it.

Online courses give structure to the learning process and a clear path to follow. It’s often more worthwhile to pay for a course than it is to learn by watching the odd tutorial from different sources.

Be aware of your learning style. If you learn best by doing, then make sure you’re taking the time to put what you learn into action so that the time you spend watching tutorial videos will be worthwhile.

Most importantly, allow yourself space to learn. Yes, you should hold yourself accountable, but you should also have patience. Learning takes time and you shouldn’t expect to be great at everything immediately.

show timestamps

00:30 – Intro & catch up

06:30 – Where do you start when you want to learn something new?

09:45 – Having motivation to learn a new skill  

14:00 – The hardest part about learning a new skill

17:44 – Courses – are they effective?

21:06 – Courses we’ve taken

22:48 – How do you choose an online course?

26:40 – The hardest part of teaching yourself a new skill

29:30 – Messages from our listeners

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