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May 1, 2017
075: Feeling guilty for taking a break

Do you sometimes feel guilty for taking a break? Maybe you tinker on things throughout your break to ease the guilt, or perhaps you feel the guilt after enjoying a weekend away. Well we feel that too, so that’s what we discuss in this episode. You’ll hear our feelings on this guilt, and our advice for overcoming it and allowing yourself the permission to relax.

key takeaways

When you’re someone with a side project, you will have less “free time” than someone who doesn’t have one. You will have to work many weekends and holidays. But you still deserve a break every now and then!

Make sure you take purposeful breaks. Decide on the time off and refrain from working during it. Take a break fully! Work hard; rest hard.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed about the things you haven’t done, go through what’s worrying you and consider how much of a priority they really are. Often things are important, but not urgent.

show timestamps

00:00 – Intro & catch up

03:00 – Feeling overwhelmed with communication

06:10 – Taking on other peoples struggles

08:30 – Feeling guilty while taking a break

14:40 – Should you hustle over the holidays?

18:40 – Putting priorities in perspective

24:00 – Important vs urgent

27:00 – When it’s time to take a break

30:50 – Last thoughts

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